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Ranging from integrated responsive websites to web-applications to funkiest of smartphone apps. Building engaging audiences for your brand’s online presence to making sure you get the most of every penny spent on your web avatar. We can hit a smash!
And yes, we have hit a lot of smashes too!

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Responsive Website Design

As the world goes mobile with a range of devices ranging from desktops to mobile phones, tablets to laptops, it has become more than critical to not miss out presence on any device; or even worse, not be responsive to different shapes and aspect ratios of screens. A responsive web design is not only customized to enhance your webs experience but also is created strategically to fit, fix and attune to any range of screen sizes found across all devices. Responsive designs enable you website to look, feel and operate in flawless integration with all display ratios without disturbing or distorting any element to an unpleasant zone.

Brand Pundits offers comprehensive responsive web design solutions for your business in order to ensure that your website not only lands smoothly on all devices, but is also creatively appealing enough to make the most of your web presence.

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Ecommerce Website Development

Businesses are not shops, malls and showrooms anymore. They have outgrown in the digital era to a connected ecommerce market that has revolutionized the customer and trading industry so much so that all products and services from groceries to cars, spa experience to online learning modules, needles to chopping blades, everything is available online. With this surge in multibillion dollar ecommerce industry, you might either want to extend your sales electronically or simply have online selling as an add-on upgrade. Either ways, ecommerce enabled websites are the must-have when your business is all set to go web. Accepting payments, placing orders, tracking shipments, etc can become a hell of a mess if the ecommerce website has not strategically made all necessary provisions. Dive into the ecommerce era and give your products and services a ecommerce boost with the right ecommerce website.

Brand Pundits offers comprehensive ecommerce web design and development solutions for your business in order to ensure that your business and customers enjoy a smooth ecommerce experience.

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Domain Registration

Imagine a scenario where you need to name your baby. The only conditions are that the name has to be super-exclusive to your kid and that it has also to be simple to pronounce and easy to remember. Meaning your kid has to have world’s most unique name and yet for it to be simple enough to have high recall. Sounds like a nightmare? Welcome to the world of Domain Registration. The only difference, our babies are your websites.

Domain registration is one of the most essential details that can amount to a difference between success and failure in today’s web-obsessed world. What do you think’s journey would have been like if its domain name were Yes, the domain name is still available (as on 9th August 2018) but sure as hell, is not what Amazon’s BOD would have ever approved of.

On the other hand are the cases where your age-old business needs its web-name and only to the tragic realization, it has already been taken! Now it takes a unique set of skills for this situation to manage a domain name that is abiding both to your brand and to the uniqueness parameters.

Brand Pundits offers comprehensive domain registration solutions for your business in order to ensure that your business gets a cool, easy and most of all, a uniquely engaging name.

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Web Hosting

How much it matter for the area where you build your home? The safety, the security, the accessibility to vital highways, everything counts right? Well, that’s precisely, also the concerning points when it comes down to hosting website for your business.

There are lots of server options that offer lucrative offers like unlimited hosting, free hosting, etc. but the onus lies in the hands of an experienced web-developer company to choose the most secure, globally trusted and free from online threat options. That’s precisely where we step in.

Brand Pundits offers comprehensive web hosting solutions for your business website in order to ensure that your business stays up and running at all times, free from any online threat, at a bandwidth that offers your customers a smooth surfing experience along with a pricing that’s reasonable at best.

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